Thursday, September 11, 2014

Four Reasons Why My Clients Insist On Confidentiality

Every now and then; someone will say the following to me when they first see me...

That is - "Doctor; please keep this strictly confidential."

And I understand that completely.

After all; these are things they can't share with family members and even close friends.


First... However; well intentioned your immediate circle; they have subtle, almost unconscious agendas which becomes a wall towards your full disclosure to them.

Second... Friends & family may not have what we call the "clarity of distance".

Third... You may not want your near and dear ones to feel guilty about what is happening to you.

Fourth... Some of us perceive tremendous hurt in our most intimate relationships. The last thing we want to do is flare up matters by talking more.

And hence the request for strict confidentiality and my assurance of the same..

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