Friday, June 18, 2010

Courtship & Your Wallet; How They Are Linked?

Experimental studies show that when men think about attractive women, they tend to spend more money on conspicuous goods (cars, watches, and expensive holidays) than on inconspicuous goods (washing machines, toasters, medicine).

Whereas when women think about attractive men they tend to spend more time on acts of conspicuous charity (volunteering to help the poor or the sick) than on acts of inconspicuous charity (picking up trash when no one is looking or conserving water while taking bath).

So during courtship, men are likely to display their wealth more while women are likely to display their kindness more.

Knowing this may help a lot of us! For starters; we may be able to pick out who is putting his money where his mouth is! And yes; it may help in being fiscally prudent and avoiding a lifestyle of liability creation.

Let me also say that like all studies in science/psychology, based as they are on Inductive Logic, that this study is not the final truth on anything. It’s just a good pointer of behavior.

(Idea expressed by Geoffrey Miller, Professor of Psychology at the University of New Mexico, US in his recent book “Spent-Sex, Evolution and Consumer Behavior)


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