Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I Learnt From "Outliers"

(1) Today when I meet someone I consider successful; I am not too much over-awed by their success. I know that their success has to a large extent to do with the opportunities that came their way.

(2) I understand that some advantages may be purely because of arbitrary rules and regulations which are apparent only on closer examination.

(3) I realize that where I come from matters. I can not ignore my cultural legacy. Since I know what parts of my cultural legacy can stand in the way of my success; I will work to lose their grip on me and I would like to accentuate those parts which add to my chances of success.

(4) The 10,000 hour rule tells me that I can't be world class at ten things in one go. I need to prune back my activities to let the sap flow into the juiciest grapes.

(5) I am no more afraid of people who have much higher IQ than me but my focus is on looking up to those who have creative intelligence and social intelligence.

(6) When I have kids; I plan to bring them up in ways which develop their sense of autonomy and identity leading to a healthy self-image and the ability to handle social situations tactfully. I say this because my upbringing contributes to my introvert and inward looking tendency which I fight daily.

(7) I realize that if an organization works for the upfiftment of society then they have to take intelligent steps to achieve their goals faster.

(8) I plan to interview successful people regularly and make notes about not only what they did but also where they come from.


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